My name is Uli, my past job titles have been "Hey, you!", "Uli", Senior Creative, CD, GCD and ECD.

I have tweeted Snoop Dog into space, designed clothes for my Barbie doll, hacked Instagram for Activision, I battled with AI, collaborated with some of fashion’s most hyped influencers and ran a creative business consultancy. First and foremost I am a creative and maker. Then I am a strategic thinker, an outstanding presenter ( bit of a “Rampensau” here, google that ) and serious mentor. My management style has been labeled as “The Butcher” and “Fun Uncle”, which I think is a perfect description of the German mindset.

I care for smart, fun, clever ideas and telling stories that have impact and meaning. I paint, sculpt and explore museums, music, fashion and technology in my free time - that is what has and always will inspire my work. I want to shape culture through the things I make…

PS: I can't play an instrument. Working on that!

PPS: I am a member of the Art Directors Club and the D&AD if care.