I am Ulrich with a long difficult last German name: Lützenkirchen. I have over 15 years of experience in using my brain to make people fall in love with brands, products and life: with stuff like ads, apps, websites, smart strategies, stories, products. I am all about great, useful, fun and innovative things that make people happy once they use or see it.



My past job titles have been "Hey, you!", "Uli", Senior Creative, CD and ECD. Order fluctuates.

Raised in Germany. Lived in Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. I have tweeted Snoop Dog into space, hacked Instagram for Activision, designed projects around AI, ran a startup for DDB and invented furniture for Ikea. I have won a lot of awards, hearts and pitches. I also lost a few. I love coming up with smart, fun and clever ideas that have impact and meaning and I love getting clients excited for that kind of work. 

I paint, sculpt and explore museums, music and technology in my free time. I can't play an instrument. Working on that!

Agencies I have worked with include : R/GA, Wieden+Kennedy, 180 Amsterdam, DDB, Saatchi, Jung von Matt, Leo Burnett, Argonaut, AKQA, BBDO, Serviceplan International, BBH. 

I am a member of the Art Directors Club and the D&AD.