In 1999 I made my mum cry when I told her that I will not be a doctor.

Since then I’ve worked in:

Germany (Hamburg, Munich, Berlin)
Spain (Madrid)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles)

For agencies and clients like:

DDB (Reebok, Volkswagen, McDonalds)
Jung von Matt (MINI, eBay, Sixt)
180 Amsterdam (Adidas, Amstel)
Wieden+Kennedy (Facebook)
Serviceplan International (Projects)
Kolle Rebbe (Audi)
Grabarz&Partners (Ikea)
BBDO (Smart Car, AT&T, DirecTV)
Saatchi (Toyota, Asics)
Museums Cologne (Projects)
R/GA (Google, YouTube)
AQKA (Levi’s, Google, Activision)
Nerdcommunications (Siemens, BMW, Projects)
Organic (AT&T, DirecTV)
Heimat (Audi)

PS: My mum and I are on good terms again.