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DTVNOW - Taylor vs Meredith and Olivia

When DIRECTV approached us with a wide-open brief to create something (anything) featuring Taylor Swift, we decided to tell a story that all her fans wanted to hear - what really happens behind closed doors the moment Taylor steps off-stage. As it turns out, her famous cats Meredith and Olivia keep her pretty busy.

With no broadcast media to speak of, we set about creating a series of films to be released sequentially via social over a period of days, building intrigue and igniting Taylor’s fanbase with each new chapter in the story. This culminated in a takeover of DIRECTV Now’s twitter handle by Meredith and Olivia (complete with custom response gifs) creating record engagement from DTV’s followers. With tens of millions of views to date, and brand sentiment through the roof, this project was an awesome example of how well things can go when you reward audiences with a brand message wrapped in something truly entertaining.